Monday, August 20, 2007

Well, That Was Fun

Got back last night from what was definitely a rager of a jaunt.

Milwaukee: Thanks for the Blatz, Leinie's, Cardinals sweep, and Wisconsin hospitality in general. Sorry for Mini-Mart trying to jack your inflatable beer bottle at the bowling alley (this dude workin' the door caught him.... even though he only had one arm!). Sorry for having to listen to me play Manson's "dope show" five times in a row on the jukebox. What can I say, it's my jam.

Chicago: We saw a loser but partied like winners. Other than that, pretty typical visit to the Windy.


I surfed upon a real gem this morning. Petra Haden, queen of the cover, has apparently leant her talents to a new comp called Guilt By Association, which can be ordered right here. There's bunch of indie artists covering Top 40 jams, and Haden truly brings it with her interpretation of don't stop believing by Journey.

You can snag it below and I've also included a totally boss cover of her rendition of a Beach Boys classic. When I say classic, I mean one of the best songs ever written. Any takers? Also, I should mention that when Petra covers a jam, it's mostly a capella. Sound interesting? Well it is and I bet you'll love it.

don't stop believing (Journey) [via MOKB]
god only knows (Beach Boys)

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KBO said...

Stealin' shit is fine and good, but the real question is were there $40 hookers?