Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well I'm just pleased as punch to unveil this Halloween mix for ya. The back porch has swooped some new web space and boy are we ready to kick out some jams... so to speak. That being said, enjoy these spooktacular goodies:

HALLOWEEN - theme music from the movie
the Misfits - halloween
Blue Meanies - creepy
the Specials - ghost town
Matt Skiba - demons away
Murder by Death - i'm afraid of who's afraid of virgina woolf
Tom Waits - what's he building in there
Alkaline Trio - tuck me in
the Black Lips - buried alive
the Addams Family - theme song
the Misfits - cough/cool
Bobby "Boris" Pickett - MONSTER MASH


This one goes out to Team Awesome and Tour De Moose to commemorate a totally awesome Saturday. Cheers!

Bobby "Boris" Pickett - MONSTER MASH

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Freaky Friday

I'm gonna stick with the Halloween theme and share with you some wicked videos:

Oingo Boingo - dead man's party

the Misfits - halloween

Alkaline Trio - we've had enough

Marilyn Manson - dope show

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


My bad... I've neglected the back porch for the past week and for that, I apologize. I do have a pretty sweet post brewin' though [hopefully].

I love this time of the year, musically. Every year when October spookily creeps up, a bunch of old albums find their way into my rotation that are sometimes neglected throughout the remainder of the year [read: misfits, blue meanies, oingo boingo].

Anyway, to hold y'all over, I offer a Halloween masterpiece. The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative may not sound too familiar, when in fact, they really are. Picking up where Band Aid left off, N.A.H.P.I. is a project led by members of the Unicorns with help/cameos by Beck, Arcade Fire, Sonic Youth, David Cross, Feist, Peaches, Devandra Banhart, Jenny Lewis and Blake (Rilo Kiley), Karen O (YYY's), Les Savy Fav, and last but certainly not least, ELVIRA!!!


North American Halloween Prevention Initiative - do they know it's halloween? [via alienhits]

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ryan Adams & the Cardinals

Got to check out Ryan Adams & the Cardinals last night at the Pageant. Good stuff - He and the Card's sounded spot-on man. I'm not what you would call a well-versed Adams fan, but I do have a couple of his earlier albums and I like pretty much everything I hear by him. Last night was no exception.

Of the 16 tunes he and the Cardinals loosely jammed through, I think I knew about 3 of them ["Cold Roses," "The Rescue Blues," "Bartering Lines"]. There were a handful of songs I would've like to have heard, but I wasn't holding my breath by any means. Truthfully, I was kinda anticipating his crowd interaction as much as I was the music. I'd heard all about his on-stage meltdowns and I was curious to see how much razzing the stl fans may offer. As it turns out, most peeps were on their best behavior. Adams seemed quite appreciative, prompting him declare that we were the nicest fans on the tour so far. Oh Ryan, you tell every city that.

As a sidenote, the show was sold out and I bought tix off some stooge on ebay. Check out his ebay item description:
"By the way, a friend and I (pictured here) will be attending this concert and sitting in the 2 seats next to the 2 for sale. Beware: If you are attractive females thinking about buying these tickets, you are almost guaranteed a few alcoholic beverages on us and a crazy night of barhopping could follow. But hell, you'll get to see Ryan Adams! I've seen him twice personally, and he is amazing!"

Here's the set list.

Here are a couple tunes:
Ryan Adams - to be young (is to be sad, to be high)
Ryan Adams - oh my sweet caroline

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pick Your Pony!

Alright, baseball playoffs are here. Time to pick your pony ladies and gentlemen. I guess I like Colorado. Also like the Angels. Also, for those keeping score at home, I did bring home the "Dudes Fantasy Baseball League" trophy. Truthfully, I forget what the point of the internet is without fantasy baseball...
[UPDATE: While typing this and watching the Angels v. B'Sox game, I caught news about Card's GM Walt Jocketty leaving St. Louis. Damn. I guess it's not too surprising considering the multiple reports about internal rift. 'Wonder how this will effect Larussa's decsion?]

Speaking of America's favorite pastime, the Boss dropped his new album, Magic. Still haven't bought it - mostly due to the fact that I feel like I've been blowing money like a coke-head. Will pick it up soon and give y'all a report.

Also, I've figured out a way to spruce up the backporch. I think we've determined that I can squat on some Dudes Mag web-host space. This means good things for you, the people. Most importantly it means I can actually offer tunes straight from me. No more redirecting links. Trust me, it'll be neat.

Be well...

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Weakerthans Post

I've blogged about them before and I assure you this won't be the last time. The Weakerthans are one of my favorite bands around and not only do they have a new website, but they have a new album -- Reunion Tour -- to boot.

In a handful of words: subtle, indie alt-punk'try quirk-pop.

Keep in mind, this is a band who've released only 4 albums in their 10+ years of existence. It's hard to fret over it too much though cos what some may consider a lack prolifcacy is actually the wonderful virtue behind the Weakerthans. Reunion Tour has left me with a very similar feeling as their last effort, Reconstruction Site did. It's no challenge to initially fall in love with the tunes. What's unexpected is how much each song grows on you. They always say the best albums are the ones that keep presenting elements you may've never noticed prior. This is that type album.


HEAR for yourself:

the Weakerthans - sun in an empty room [highly recc'd]
the Weakerthans - night windows


SEE for yourself:

the Weakerthans - diagnosis [1998]

the Weakerthans - psalm for the elks lodge last call [2003]

the Weakerthans - the reasons [2003]