Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Train Is Bound For Glory

Whether or not the Cardinals will sneak their way into the playoffs remains to be seen. Regardless, about a month ago I went ahead and told myself that I could give a shit. My goal from that day forward was to just watch 'em battle and enjoy the game. If they somehow find a way in, great. If not, what can ya do?

Tonight I'm heading up to Milwaukee with some other Dudes to catch the NL Central Divsion leaders (it still feels weird saying it), Brew-Crew take on our beloved Birds on Bat. Then we're heading to the Windy to catch the (s)C(r)ubs v. Cards series. What a weekend.

Beers will be drank, beers will be spilled, feelings will be hurt, hearts will be broken, and - most likely - police will be called. Regardless, we're in it to win it and good times will be had. Although I'm staying true to my credo: just watch 'em battle - enjoy the game, it would be nice to see the Birdos beat the Baby Bears. This will be my first time at a game at Wrigley as an enemy. All of the other games I've attended there were against other NL Central teams and honestly, I was pulling for the Cubs just because they we're helping our cause when they'd win. NOT THIS TIME BUD!

So yeah, here are some rockin' tunes by artists from both the Chicago and Milwaukee area. Some new, but mostly older jams. Recognize!

Alkaline Trio - trouble breathing[CHI]
Boris the Sprinkler - ain't no pabst in tijuana[MIL]
Braid - killing a camera[MIL/CHI]
The Broadways - 15 minutes[CHI]
Colossal - embers only[CHI]
Hey Mercedes - eleven to your seven[MIL]
Maritime - guns of naverone[MIL]
Owen = she's a thief[CHI]
the Ponys - double vision[CHI]
Promise Ring - why did we ever meet?[MIL]
Reverend Norb - my drums are cooler than shit[MIL]
Tuesday - my mess[CHI]


meg. c said...

this playlist could also be titled: Meghan's Favorite Bands (which mainly are from chicago)

Lindsay said...

i think about the biff and madd dog song often. i'm so glad you posted it.