Monday, August 06, 2007

Reunion Tour

Aw man -- I'm sorry about that. Shit got hectic for a couple months on account of relocating roughly 900 miles, moving into the new crib, and preparing for some little quiz I took a couple weeks ago. Rest assured, I'm back now thanks to a little nudging and poking from some righteous folks.

Another good reason to clear out the cobwebs here on the backporch is to hype up easily my most anticipated album of 2007: The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour. The folks at Stereogum have been kind enough to post a tune off the album and you can snag it below--I definitely would if I were you. A laid back number with a toe-tapping backbeat featuring Sampson's eerie croon that makes you feel lost but complacent. I cannot wait to get my hands on this album. I guess there's something to be said for delivering only 3 albums in about 10 years as a band; it's quality not quantity...

The Weakerthans - night windows [new one!!!]
The Weakerthans - plea from a cat named virtue
The Weakerthans - aside
The Weakerthans - the last last one

Also, be very afraid: 'seems that slack-jawed-yokel of a prez we got runnin' this ship has taken another firm stand against that obscure, ancient document known as the constitution. Long and short of it: if you're calling your homegirl in Budapest, China (or ANYWHERE outside of the U.S.) Big Brother don't need no warrant to peep your conversation. It's that easy. Essentially, the legislation legalizes that wack-ass N.S.A. program. So we got that going for us....

Thanks for hangin' in there folks,


KBO said...

Hooray! You're back! 'Bout mother fucking time.

Lindsay said...


Michael said...

i'm sorry but could someone please kill the president? pretty please?