Friday, August 10, 2007

All Things Dude

I pulled babysitting duty today for one of my nephews and let me tell ya, kids are a handful. They can't do anything for themselves.

Speaking of dudes, I'm sure very few of you are aware of the fact that Dudes Mag has found a legitimate home on the interweb. Kudos to J-Dub and J-Man on the bang-up job. Aside from the random naked pics of some dude's ex-gal, the site also features all past issues [some are still being uploaded] and all the Dudes Tunes comps in mp3 format.

In honor of such dudeliness, I've put together a mixer that features a few of the old Tunes and some other jams that will help guide you through the sweltering weekend.

Dudes Mag Theme Song
Drag the River - me and joe drove out to california
Old 97's - lonely holiday
MU330 - favorite show
Madd Dog 20/20 & Biff Man [ft. Swoops] - introducing biff & madd dog
Goodnight Ghost - old style [highly rec'd!]
Jolie Holland - old fashioned morphine
Jens Lekman - black cab
Bishop Allen - rain
My Two Moms - bonerkiller
Dudes Song

I'll be sure to remind you again, but mark your calendars for Aug. 24. Dudes Mag will be releasing issue #10 and they're throwing a party at Lemmon's. The Sex Robots, Devlin's Kids, and the Jim Dandies will be delivering the tuneage.

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