Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Guess I'm Gonna Have to Head to Chicago...

Word on the (E) street is that our man Bruce and the E Street band have a new album coming out on October 2. BOSS! It's their first album in 5 years.You think that's cool, well you can also surf on over to the iTunes store and download the first single off the album for FREE. That's right, f-r-e-e!

The track is totally wicked and I encourage you to check it out. It's kinda got this "867-5309" riff along with that soulful grit Bruce always spits out. Great tune man. Did I mention that it's free at the iTunes store? How often do they give away tunes this sweet? Almost never.

The good news doesn't stop there. Bruce and the E Street band are gonna take their show to the streets. Head over here for the dates. The closest they're coming to the Lou is the City of Wind, so I guess I'm heading up there in late October.


The Dudes Mag party was a blast. All the bands rocked it and a bunch of mags and T-shirts were sold. Make sure you pick up your copy if you haven't already.

On an unrelated note, CBGB founder Hilly Kristal passed away. R.I.P. bud. Thanks for everything (i.e. breaking the Ramones, Television, Talking Heads, and a bunch of others).

Other than that, things are going good around here. I just got a new job with a firm here in St. Louie and I'm workin' at a nice little bar in the heart of Lemay. All is well for now...

Friday, August 24, 2007

"It's the maaag, for Duuudes..."

Quick reminder: Dudes Magazine is throwing a party tonight in honor of their 10th release. Info:

Where: Lemon's - Gravois Rd - StL, MO
When: 9:00pm
Who's Playin': Sex Robots, Devlin's Kids, the Jim Dandies
Buy: Mags = 5$ -- Brand New T-Shirts = 5$
Listen: Dudes Mag Theme Song

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

THE FRONT: Your New Favorite Fuzz Rockers

Fuzzy, contagious indie-grunge that will rock the fuck out of you. If the distortion alone doesn’t barrel you over, the raucous howl and thumping rhythm will surely do the trick. This L.A. trio have officially hit their stride and have been winning fans over all across the nation. After a few successful tours out west, they’re ready to demolish a city near you so be on the lookout. For fans of Sonic Youth, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana, Jim Beam and Budweiser.

(This review was written for Dudes Mag #10.)

The Front...
On Myspace
Offical Website

Aug 31 2007 8:00P
JAXart Night at Pehrspace with The Valley Arena Los Angeles, California
Sep 7 2007 8:00P
Mr. Ts Bowl with The Monolators Highland Park, California
Sep 8 2007 8:00P
The Echo w/ The Deadly Syndrome Los Angeles, California
Sep 30 2007 8:00P
The Scene w/Oaks and Bacchus Glendale, California

Monday, August 20, 2007

Well, That Was Fun

Got back last night from what was definitely a rager of a jaunt.

Milwaukee: Thanks for the Blatz, Leinie's, Cardinals sweep, and Wisconsin hospitality in general. Sorry for Mini-Mart trying to jack your inflatable beer bottle at the bowling alley (this dude workin' the door caught him.... even though he only had one arm!). Sorry for having to listen to me play Manson's "dope show" five times in a row on the jukebox. What can I say, it's my jam.

Chicago: We saw a loser but partied like winners. Other than that, pretty typical visit to the Windy.


I surfed upon a real gem this morning. Petra Haden, queen of the cover, has apparently leant her talents to a new comp called Guilt By Association, which can be ordered right here. There's bunch of indie artists covering Top 40 jams, and Haden truly brings it with her interpretation of don't stop believing by Journey.

You can snag it below and I've also included a totally boss cover of her rendition of a Beach Boys classic. When I say classic, I mean one of the best songs ever written. Any takers? Also, I should mention that when Petra covers a jam, it's mostly a capella. Sound interesting? Well it is and I bet you'll love it.

don't stop believing (Journey) [via MOKB]
god only knows (Beach Boys)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Train Is Bound For Glory

Whether or not the Cardinals will sneak their way into the playoffs remains to be seen. Regardless, about a month ago I went ahead and told myself that I could give a shit. My goal from that day forward was to just watch 'em battle and enjoy the game. If they somehow find a way in, great. If not, what can ya do?

Tonight I'm heading up to Milwaukee with some other Dudes to catch the NL Central Divsion leaders (it still feels weird saying it), Brew-Crew take on our beloved Birds on Bat. Then we're heading to the Windy to catch the (s)C(r)ubs v. Cards series. What a weekend.

Beers will be drank, beers will be spilled, feelings will be hurt, hearts will be broken, and - most likely - police will be called. Regardless, we're in it to win it and good times will be had. Although I'm staying true to my credo: just watch 'em battle - enjoy the game, it would be nice to see the Birdos beat the Baby Bears. This will be my first time at a game at Wrigley as an enemy. All of the other games I've attended there were against other NL Central teams and honestly, I was pulling for the Cubs just because they we're helping our cause when they'd win. NOT THIS TIME BUD!

So yeah, here are some rockin' tunes by artists from both the Chicago and Milwaukee area. Some new, but mostly older jams. Recognize!

Alkaline Trio - trouble breathing[CHI]
Boris the Sprinkler - ain't no pabst in tijuana[MIL]
Braid - killing a camera[MIL/CHI]
The Broadways - 15 minutes[CHI]
Colossal - embers only[CHI]
Hey Mercedes - eleven to your seven[MIL]
Maritime - guns of naverone[MIL]
Owen = she's a thief[CHI]
the Ponys - double vision[CHI]
Promise Ring - why did we ever meet?[MIL]
Reverend Norb - my drums are cooler than shit[MIL]
Tuesday - my mess[CHI]

Friday, August 10, 2007

All Things Dude

I pulled babysitting duty today for one of my nephews and let me tell ya, kids are a handful. They can't do anything for themselves.

Speaking of dudes, I'm sure very few of you are aware of the fact that Dudes Mag has found a legitimate home on the interweb. Kudos to J-Dub and J-Man on the bang-up job. Aside from the random naked pics of some dude's ex-gal, the site also features all past issues [some are still being uploaded] and all the Dudes Tunes comps in mp3 format.

In honor of such dudeliness, I've put together a mixer that features a few of the old Tunes and some other jams that will help guide you through the sweltering weekend.

Dudes Mag Theme Song
Drag the River - me and joe drove out to california
Old 97's - lonely holiday
MU330 - favorite show
Madd Dog 20/20 & Biff Man [ft. Swoops] - introducing biff & madd dog
Goodnight Ghost - old style [highly rec'd!]
Jolie Holland - old fashioned morphine
Jens Lekman - black cab
Bishop Allen - rain
My Two Moms - bonerkiller
Dudes Song

I'll be sure to remind you again, but mark your calendars for Aug. 24. Dudes Mag will be releasing issue #10 and they're throwing a party at Lemmon's. The Sex Robots, Devlin's Kids, and the Jim Dandies will be delivering the tuneage.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Reunion Tour

Aw man -- I'm sorry about that. Shit got hectic for a couple months on account of relocating roughly 900 miles, moving into the new crib, and preparing for some little quiz I took a couple weeks ago. Rest assured, I'm back now thanks to a little nudging and poking from some righteous folks.

Another good reason to clear out the cobwebs here on the backporch is to hype up easily my most anticipated album of 2007: The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour. The folks at Stereogum have been kind enough to post a tune off the album and you can snag it below--I definitely would if I were you. A laid back number with a toe-tapping backbeat featuring Sampson's eerie croon that makes you feel lost but complacent. I cannot wait to get my hands on this album. I guess there's something to be said for delivering only 3 albums in about 10 years as a band; it's quality not quantity...

The Weakerthans - night windows [new one!!!]
The Weakerthans - plea from a cat named virtue
The Weakerthans - aside
The Weakerthans - the last last one

Also, be very afraid: 'seems that slack-jawed-yokel of a prez we got runnin' this ship has taken another firm stand against that obscure, ancient document known as the constitution. Long and short of it: if you're calling your homegirl in Budapest, China (or ANYWHERE outside of the U.S.) Big Brother don't need no warrant to peep your conversation. It's that easy. Essentially, the legislation legalizes that wack-ass N.S.A. program. So we got that going for us....

Thanks for hangin' in there folks,