Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"You Can't Kill the Rooster"

[++UPDATE++ Appropriate tune'age has been added below.]
So I picked up Captain Casey from the airport on Saturday morning. We had a pretty low key day. Lunch, relaxing, playing catch-up -- nothing crazy. We were going to save "party mode" until later when we planned on checking out Asbury Park, this Springsteen tribute band. I should mention that he came bearing gifts. Being the nice [and insane] guy he is, he brought me some sort of military-issued *switchblade. Pretty bitch, if ya ask me. I was messing with it all day, only to have Captain Casey bark in my ear every 10 minutes, "dude, be fucking careful with that thing - it's really sharp."

Anyway, we're gearing up for the night; about ready to walk out the door. I throw the Captain this memory card I just bought for my camera and tell him to pry the sucker open. The stooges at Target forgot to pop the lock on the plastic case when they sent me home with it. Thank god I have a new switchblade, right? BAD MOVE. Captain Casey puts the blade through the case... and through his friggin' hand. SERVED! I guess I got served too cos the fountain of blood coming from his paw was now all over my walls and bathroom.

Of course Casey's playing it off like it happens all the time [which may very well be the case considering his past]. "It's cool man, give me a rag. We're fuckin' going to see this Springsteen band." Dan RN was there and confirmed the probably obvious: "That definitely needs stitches man."

We gather our supplies before we head out to the ER. Casey makes a cranberry and vodka, I grab a twelver of The King and we're on our way. He checks in, they process him, do a preliminary wrap on his hand, then he walks right back out. Why wait all night in an ER when you can tailgate in the parking lot?

All said and done, the Captain got 10 stitches, got to catch about an hour of Asbury Park's set, was prescribed pain pills [which made him happy], and a BOSS time was had by all... (except for me when he urinated on my leg in a parking lot at 3 a.m.)

Alkaline Trio - BLOODIED UP
Dillinger Four - NOBLE STABBINGS
Minus the Bear - MONKEY!!!KNIFE!!!FIGHT!!!
Rolling Stones - LET IT BLEED

* Not exact model, but pretty close

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dan said...

RN: "Be safe tonight"
Mike "Nah"