Thursday, November 01, 2007

Friggin' Friday

Here's one of those albums that I wigged out over for about a month when it came out and then kinda forgot about. Further proof that these days we [or maybe just I] gobble up music and spit it out sometimes; too disposable. At any rate, The Sunset Tree is a conceptual folk pop masterpiece with a punky spirit.
the Mountain Goats - this year
the Mountain Goats - dance music
the Mountain Goats - song for dennis brown


Here's to friggin' Friday and a friggin' righteous weekend, right. Ha Ha Tonka is playin' a gig here with Meat Puppets on Saturday. Just may have to check it out. Haven't seen H.H.T. since their "Amsterband" days back in Springfield, MO. Cheers folks.

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