Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives

Los Campesinos!: Their name is Spanish (for the Peasants). The band is English. The tunes are PURE FUN.

Back in July they released their Sticking Fingers Into Light Sockets EP and I think they're about to release their first full length here in the states soon. While the first track posted below may be the single off the release, my favorite track is their interpretation of the killer Pavement tune, "Frontwards."

Enjoy these sugar-coated, spazz-pop punk gems:

Los Campesinos! - we throw parties, you throw knives
Los Campesinos! - frontwards
Pavement - frontwards


I may not be able to check in for a couple days; heading up to Chicago. Checking out former Drive-By Trucker, Jason Isbell at a club I've never been to, the Cubby Bear. There are a bunch of other rockin' shows but I'm not sure if we'll have time for 'em. We got a new camera today, so maybe I'll have some pics to share when I get back.

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paul said...

Nov. 13th - Valient Thorr, Year Long Disaster, Supagroup, Holy Python
Doors 6:30, $12/$14