Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Music: The Foxboro Hot Tubs

There's a sweet new group out called Foxboro Hot Tubs. The band may or may not be a side project of the members of Green Day. Actually, it most definitely is, however, they're not saying. They pulled this same stunt with the electro-punk, robot-rockin' the Network.

Whoever the heck they are, Foxboro Hot Tubs have an EP available that you can download for FREE. Check it out right HERE.

The 6 song EP has a '60's garage, British Invasion vibe to it. I like it. It's really not too much of a stretch from some of Green Day's previous work. At at least, in my opinion, the influences have always beeen there. All-in-all: lighter on the snotty punk rawk, heavier on the garage-soul.

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