Monday, March 05, 2007

Politics: Yeah, I went there.

They really don't get more rediculous than Ann Coulter. Have you heard about what she said re: John Edwards. Yeah, apparently the 2004 Vice Prez candidate is a "faggot." Clearly evidenced by the fact that he's married with children. What kills me is that you know this bitch was down with Ted Haggard and Mark Foley before their shit hit the fan.

I'll pretty much stop there before I start griping about her and the religious right. It'd be unfair to assume Coulter speaks for all conservatives, just as it's unfair to use Mike Moore as the poster boy for liberals.

The real question that has my wheels spinning is how this Democratic bid for presidency will pan out. Sure, we got Hillary and Obama dominating the headlines, but are either of them seriously electable? If I'm Gore or Edwards, I gotta think I have a good shot at getting tapped by the Dems after Hilary and Obama go at it for a while. They say that no Dem can win without support from the South. I see Edwards getting that support before any of the others mentioned above.

I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Please comment and let me know what ya think.


KBO said...

It's funny you posted this, because this dude I work with just sent me Cunter's response to the "myth" of global warming. It was so ridiculous, and so full of fallacies, that I couldn't even respond because I'm just done with her slanderous mudslinging. I think she must have been horribly, horribly abused as a child to act with so much hate all the time, except when she's licking Bush's balls.

Where's your potential home? Holla if you come to town so we can drink . There may or may not be a Wii party.

Olly Olly Oxen Free said...

Gripe on about the religious right! There’s nothing more fulfilling than exposing the hypocrisies of the self-righteous.

Check out this article about the Dem response to Coulter’s comments. This guy is gay and he’s got a point.

Edwards is my boy!

thomas Romer said...

i don't think obama and hillary can even get past the first 4 primaries. nevada?… NH can do anything, but also isn't edwards home state in that first 4? i can see edwards taking 3 of the first 4 primaries. the way the news media works today, that will pretty much wrap it up for who gets the nomination.