Thursday, March 15, 2007

Off to SXSW...

Well, I'm off to Austin to roam around for a few days crash the parties w/ free booze. The beauty of not buying a badge is that it keeps my expectations low. If I walk away totally diggin' 4-5 shows, and catch a free buzz, more power to me. I'm sure I'll probably see about 50 different bands, but most of the fun will lie in people watching. There are some real freaks in Austin around this time of the year. Be it uber-hipsters or just off-the-wall chicken-heads, there are always interesting folk roaming up and down 6th Street and the surrounding area.

Expect a detailed report upon my return.

Here are some bands I'm hoping to catch, not including the previous SXSW post I already delivered:

The Broken West - down in the valley
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - oregon girl [Springfield, MO represent!]
The Black Lips - stranger
Great Northern - home
Maritime - tearing up the oxygen


.. said...

the ducks band, the white rabbits, is playing there on the 17th.

Dan Z. said...

I am jealous. You could see Fucked Up 5 days in a row.

miss alie ward said...

You and Kendal diggin' the Great Northern? I'm curious to hear what else in the pile has made it into your rotations...

BTW- The Bauer and I were giggling our asses off the other night remembering how you guys tried to walk the dog and share a set of headphones.