Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ultramagnetic MC's

I bought this LP years back almost solely based on the album cover. Of course, it's Kool Keith's impeccable flow and Ced-Gee's club-wrecking beats that really make this record a must-have.

Ultramagnetic basically took what Run-D.M.C. did in the beginning of the '80's and upped the ante. While the latter's beats were fresh and innovative at the time, Ced-Gee built off that and threw in experimental funk samples, which eventually sparked D.J.'s across the land to take notice and start using samples as well.

Posted below are two bangin' Ultramagnetic tracks. The first is off their 1988 debut, Critical Beatdown, and the other is from their latest release, The Best Kept Secret.


  • Ultramagnetic MC's - ain't it good to you [buy]

  • Ultramagnetic MC's - mechanism nice (born twice) [buy]

    KBO said...

    So one of my students is growing his hair out with aspirations of a fade. Probably in honor of Ultramagnetic MC's. This is the same student that taped a picture of Kid and Play on my desk in stealth mode.

    rmcgregor said...

    If I have time to read your banter, I probably have too much time on my hands.