Monday, February 05, 2007

Best Halftime Show Ever!

For those freedom-hating "Americans" who didn't watch the Super Bowl last night, I really feel sorry for you. Not because you missed one of the sloppiest Super Bowls in the history of the NFL [8 turnovers, 9 is the SB record], but because Prince absolutely killed it in Miami last night. The Artist shredded through about a 12 minute set, which included "We Will Rock You" [intro], "Let's Go Crazy," "1999" [short interlude], "Baby I'm A Star," "Proud Mary" [CCR], "All Along the Watchtower" [B. Dylan - brief], "Best of You" [Foo Fight.], and, the rather fitting, "Purple Rain." IT WAS FRIGGIN' AWESOME!

I've plead my case to many-a-folk about this, however, nobody seems to care enough to heed my advice: Prince's new material is just as strong as his older stuff; check it out for yourself. Musicology [2004] is rediculously good. Pretty much every song is great. And while I've only heard about 3/4 of his latest release, 3121, I can say that it's about equally as awesome. His guitar playing seems to be getting almost better. The dude flat out shreds. Posted below is "Black Sweat," which was the first single off of 3121. So now that football is over, can we please just fast-forward to baseball season.

  • Prince - black sweat [via cable & tweed]
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