Monday, January 29, 2007

Ramones, Baseball, Of Montreal [...again]

Two Ramones-related tidbits for ya... Good news first: today's Tommy Ramone's 55th birthday. Tommy took over the drumming duties after Joey quit drumming and started singing. He went on to produce a bunch of Ramones albums and the Replacements' Tim. I guess he's the only original Ramone still alive. On a sadder note, Charlotte Lesher, mother of Joey Ramone, passed away the other day.

On to baseball... I guess you've probably heard the news: Jeff Weaver's a Mariner. Seems like a stupid decision on his part. Did the Cardinals make a mistake on letting him go? As Bernie Miklasz points out, time will tell. Also, check out viva el birdos for his take on the move, and a tribute to the late Card's GM, Bing Devine. For those in the dark, Devine passed away last week and is credited for putting together some excellent Cardinal teams in the 1960's. His most notable trade: the infamous acquisition of Lou Brock from the Cubs in exchange for Ernie Broglio.

Also, last week I mentioned how wicked Of Montreal's cover of Bowie's "Moonage Daydream" was. Well, you can judge for yourself by heading over to funeral pudding, where the actual live track is posted [or you can just download it here].

UPDATE: They say death comes in 3's: First Bing Devine, then Charlotte Lesher [J. Ramone's mother], now Barbaro. Good grief...

Have a rocking Monday!

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