Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Because I'm ready for baseball to start...

Brace yourself friends. We are about to be bombarded with Super Bowl hoopla. Actually, it's already started to some extent. While I fumble for input when I'm sucked in to a "who you pullin' for?" conversation with people I'd rather ignore, all I can think about is how ready I am for baseball season to start back up. That being said, I thought I'd run through some of the most rediculous offseason transactions that have gone down since last October: [In no particular order]

Gil Meche - K.C. Royals: 5 years / $55 million
The last time I checked, homeboy hasn't had an ERA under 4.00 since the turn of the century. In fact, his ERA over the past 3 years is barely under 5.00. Now I understand that ERA's have been on the rise due to juiced balls [and players], but shit. This guy has struggled his whole career to establish himself as an average starter and now he's making more than Johan Santana: arguably the best pitcher in the American League, or even the whole league. Shame on you Kansas City. I know desparate times call for desparate measures, but there's no reason to burn up your payroll just because the ship is sinking.

Carlos Lee - Houston Astros: 6 years / $100 million
This one's just a joke. Carlos Lee making more than Sir Albert? You gotta be kidding me! The table was set for Houston to spend some wise money with Petite and Clemens' contracts expiring. Instead, they go and commit $173 million on Lee and Oswalt. Oswalt's a worthy investment. But Carlos Lee? He's a pitiful defensive player, on a good day. Further, I'd argue his best days are behind him. Granted, he'll be able to smack them out of Enron Field [I know, they changed it...I'm sticking with Enron though], but I still don't see him hitting more homeruns than his career high [37]. I'm not arguing Lee is a complete bum, I just don't think he's worth 3/4 of what Houston paid for him. Who knows, maybe I'm just pissed that he's back in the NL Central.

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Boston Red Sox: 6 years / $52 million + $52 million to acquire negotiating rights!
What can I say that hasn't been said about this deal. Is Theo Epstein trying to screw over the Red Sox? Good for him if he is. I would speculate as to whether or not he's worth the risk, but who friggin' knows? The dude has never even pitched an inning in MLB. I know I'm not the only one who's convinced he'll go on the DL half-way through the season, which would be funny as hell [sorry Daisuke, don't take it personal - ed. nt. Daisuke is a frequent visitor of backporchbanter...]. Now all players have perks included in their contracts, but check out Mr. Matsuzaka's via mlbcontracts. Perks: physical therapist, massage therapist, interpreter, 8 first-class round-trip airline tickets per year between Boston & Japan, spring training housing allowance of up to $25,000, Boston housing allowance of up to $75,000, one-time moving allowance of up to $35,000, use of Lincoln Town Car or similar car, Red Sox player ticket package, including 2 field box seats, team employee to assist Japanese media, uniform No. 18. The dude's making almost $10 mil a year and he want's a Lincoln Town Car? Part of me thinks this has to do with him embracing the enormousness of the American auto.

I'll leave it at that for now. Feel free to leave comments on what other teams are throwing away cash like a drunken sailor who just returned from sea. I know someone out there has to find the Jason Marquis signing rediculous. On the other hand, it is fun to see the Cubs piss away their money.

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Norris-ville said...

Yeah you'd think for $10 mil you could just skip the housing allowances too. I suppose the interpreter has to be around for him when he visits your site though.