Friday, January 19, 2007

Is this thing on?

Whoa!? I have a blog? I totally forgot. I'll try not to forget anymore...

Anyway, it's Colbert's world and we're just living it. If you didn't catch Papa Bear on the Report, or Colbert on the Factor, you really fucking dropped the ball, didn't you.

Currently Lovin':
-Michelob Light
-Hot Toddies
-6 day weekends
-The cold weather we're finally witnessing down here in South Texas
-Watching idiots freak out because the roads are wet AND it's cold out [real foreign concept down here, apparently]
-American Music Club - united kingdom
-Fattback - briefly a zombie
-Kid Dynamite - s/t
-Da Ali G Show
-Sopranos on A&E [for as big of a fan of cussing as I am, the lack of F-bombs hasn't been too distracting]
  • ickmusic
  • [dude has posted so many Springsteen and Prince bootlegs; it's disgusting]

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