Wednesday, February 13, 2008

This'll Keep Ya Busy

Sorry, I've been a little hemmed up in bar study mode. It's awesome. Here're a few quick tidbits to hold you over in the mean time:

An idiot's guide to Tom Waits. About 30+ choice cuts from that serve as cliff notes for each of Tom Waits' wicked releases. If you're not educated in the world of Waits, your time has come. Couldn't have summarized them better myself, Popdose.

KBO has been a blogging machine over at ProgBlogStl. Head on over there and learn how to be a hippie while you're testing your "Saved By the Bell" knowledge.

rbally has posted roughly a 60 song set that Jeff Tweedy [Wilco] recorded in someone's living room. Apparently Tweedy played a three-part set in the Coleman's [?] living room for some benefit last March. He pretty much covers the whole Wilco catalog.

While I didn't watch the Grammy's, I did get to check out this awesome Kanye performance [ft. Daft Punk]. Gotta get me some of those shades!

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KBO said...

Thanks for the shoutout. And the Tweedy link. I'm about to put it on an educate these kids on seminal alt-country.