Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I guess it's official...

We swooped a crib back in Nellyville. Pretty wild. They threw the "sold" sign up so I guess that really means it's ours. My first project once we move in: cover all of the windows with tin foil, start using crack, and kidnap a white girl to torture for a few days. Nah, just kidding. Besides, who really does that?

Anyway, most of you are probably aware of my love for The Hold Steady. Well, apparently the dude in charge of music at Minnesota Twins games - where half the band's from - loves 'em too. They recently recorded a fun-as-hell version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" and it's actually being played at the Metrodome during games. If you love baseball and rock'n'roll, you have to agree that this is pretty awesome. Go HERE and have a listen; download it too. Click here for an article explaining how the whole idea came to life.



meg. c said...

Congrats! It'll be awesome to have you and Kendal back in the Lou!

paul said...

that rules. congrats.

Curiology said...

Alie Ward would like to release her official statement on the matter:


Hells yeah!!"

PS- Can I live in the basement? No? Okay.

KBO said...

Can we get an official move-in date? I'd like to make a paper chain and tear off a link every night.


Susan said...

That porch looks ripe for sittin'. And sit I will.